08 - SOAP Web Service example in Java: Page 2 of 5

Once we have our project in place, let’s create our initial class. Right click on the source folder and create a new class, called Demo and click Finish.


Once we have our class, please make sure it has the following code:

package com.demo.goj;
public class Demo {
    public String returnMessage (String name)
        return "Hello " + name;

In this com.demo.Demo class we have defined a single method called returnMessage with a single parameter: a string that receives a name. Our method will return a simple message saying “Hello” plus the name given as parameter.

We will see how this is returned in a web service later in this tutorial.

Now, let’s use eclipse built in plugin for creating web services.

Right click on the SOAPDemo project and select New / Other


This will open a new window, in that window select Web Services – Web service and click next


The following Web Service screen should appear. Please select the class we want to expose as a web service, in our case the Demo.java class, so let’s reference it by the fully qualified class name: com.demo.goj.Demo.


On the configuration part of the screen, click on the Web Service Runtime: and select Axis2 and click OK


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