07 - Steps for creating Struts 2 application


  • This chapter will introduce steps to create struts 2 web application in detail. These steps are to be followed for every web application that we create in this tutorial.

Steps for creating Web Application:

  • Start NetBeans IDE 8.0.1(this is my installed version) and click on New Project. 

    Figure : Creating new Project in NetBeans 8.0 (II) – Naming and saving project.     

  • Select the first option (i.e. Web Application). (Note : the second option is to be selected when you already have a developed project and you want to add some extra features to it. And the third option creates a Web Application without any framework, which is not useful t us presently).

  • Then click on next and give your project a title. The default title is normally set to “Web Application 1” and it increments so on and so forth accordingly.

  • The default saving location of your project is in Users -> My Documents folder. It is a good habit to save the projects in Drives other then C Drive.

   Figure : Creating new Project in NetBeans 8.0 (IV) – Selecting server


    Figure : Creating new Project in NetBeans 8.0 (IV) – Selecting framework   

  • Click on next and select the required server. The default server is Glassfish server. For fast server startup – shutdown as well as fast application access and run, it is advisable to use Apache Tomcat server. The version of Apache should be greater than 7.0.

  • Then click on next and select the framework you want to use. The current available options are:

    • Java Server Faces

    • Spring MVC

    • Hibernate

    • Struts 1.3

    • Struts 2

  • As Struts 2 is option is available (before installing struts 2 plugin, this option was disabled), select it and click on finish.

  • Following can be seen after successful creation of Web application. 

Figure: First page of web application

  • You have been given following as a part of directory structure of web application:

    • Web Application 1

      • Web Pages

        • Meta – INF

          • Context.xml

        • Web – INF

          • Web.xml

        • Example

          • HelloWorld.jsp

      • Source Packages

        • Default package

          • Example.xml

          • Struts.xml

        • Example

          • HelloWorld.java

          • Package.properties

          • Package_es.properties

      • Libraries

        • All struts libraries

      • Configuration Files

        • MANIFEST.MF

        • Context.xml

        • Struts.xml

        • Web-fragment.xml

        • Web.xml


  • These are the common steps to be followed for creating web application. The steps beyond these may vary as per programs requirement. 

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