00 - Windows App Dev TOC

  1. Fundamentals of Application Development
  2. Introduction to Windows 8
    1. Window 8 Experience
    2. Getting familiar with windows 8
    3. Windows 8 platform
    4. WinRT APIs
    5. Asynchronous Programming in WinRT
  3.  Introduction to Windows Store Apps
    1. Architecture of window store App
    2. Features of window store apps
    3. Guidelines for creating window store apps
    4. Structure of window store app project
  4. Steps to build Windows store App
    1. Planning a window store app
    2. Designing a window store app
    3. Developing window store app
    4. Testing and debugging a window store app
    5. Packaging and deploying window store app
  5. Building the User Interface of an App using XAML
    1. Adding UI Elements to an App
    2. Adding Elements at Design Time
    3. Adding Elements at Runtime
    4. Organizing Various UI Elements
    5. Absolute Layout
    6. Dynamic Layout
  6. Working with XAML Controls
  7. Implement functionality In an App
    1. Handling Events
    2. Handling Routed Events
  8. Creating Multi-Page Window store Applications
    1. Planning navigation
    2. Implementing Navigation
  9. Implementing Data Binding in windows store App
    1. Binding UI Elements to Data
    2. Using Data Templates for Displaying Items in UI Element
  10.  Enhancing Window store App
    1. Applying Styles
    2. Using Flyouts
    3. Using Animations
  11. Building Connected Applications
  12. Managing the App Lifecycle and saving state
    1. Introduction to App Lifecycle Management
    2. Implementing State Management
  13. Manipulating File Data
    1. Accessing Files in window store Apps
    2. Reading and Writing File Data
    3. File Picker
  14. Making Windows store App available to World
    1. Publishing Window store App
    2. Analyzing App in windows store

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